Balancing Private and Central Banking, and Piercing The Veil of Individual Monetary Indirectness of Government Expenditure As Well, With A National Dividend and Point Of Sale Discount Gifting Institution

This is what the new monetary and economic paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Gifting will do.  Both private banks and the central bank create only debt. Monetary Gifting balances that paradigm of Debt Only.

When the government injects money into the economy it does so only to enterprises first, and to individuals as welfare payments only if taxes from both individuals and enterprises have been extracted from their wages and business revenues priorly, or even if unnecessarily via rubbishing of those taxes and the issuing of bonds to replace them. Finally, a governmental deficit has never come remotely close to stabilizing the flowing moment to moment gap between available to spend money and total individual and commercial debt service.

Filling such a gap to the point of Equilibrium Only still does not accomplish economic free flowingness and the over throw the paradigm of Debt Only. Only an inversion of that systemic scarcity ratio, i.e. create a continuous and direct flow of income that is greater than the flow of debt service can attain true free flowingness, thus creating both a “higher disequilibrium” and a new primary paradigm of  Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting. 

This new paradigm can only be implemented via an institution mandated to distribute the gifted monies of the dual policies of an abundant individual dividend and a high percentage discount at every point of sale within and throughout the entire economic process.



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