Posted To A YouTube Video of Dr. Richard Werner 11/13/2017

Dr. Werner does an excellent analysis of the financial legerdemain that occurs, however ultimately what is additionally required is a complementary policy to UBI/Citizen’s Dividend which has become so popular recently. And that is a price discount/rebate policy of sufficiently high percentage that no enterprise can afford to opt out of because it would be so beneficial to them. If the discount was implemented at every point of sale within and throughout the entire economic/productive process you could actually integrate price deflation into profit making systems.

For instance, if all of the vendors of a home building corporation discounted their prices 40% (and got those discounts rebated back to them by a monetary authority mandated to GIVE them back AFTER the discount) the home builder could offer a $200k home for $120k (and get $200k for it after the rebate). Furthermore, the Bank offering the loan could then participate in the program and issue the loan at a 40% discount for $72k (getting the full $120k with the rebate) and everybody wins!

This policy works for both the individual and every business model right up to and including Finance. Whether or not Finance cooperates with its implementation will expose whether they want to actually become an aspect of the economy….or remain a covertly dominant parasite upon it.

Its acceptance by economists and the rest of the business community will also monitor the degree to which they are both hypnotized by Finance and its monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only.

Even after this, as the business model of Finance has been the primary problematic and parasitic one for like 5000 years, decentralizing the banking system to the state and local level, maintaining close scrutiny of their lending/speculative patterns, strict regulation of same and severe taxation of any actions/revenues produced to try to de-stabilize the above system…would finally wrestle the Banking Leviathan to its knees so it could take its smaller and correct place….alongside every other business model instead of astride them all like now.


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