The Three Incredible Things My Abundant “Retail Product” Discount Does

1. It immediately increases every individual’s and every enterprise’s purchasing power by 40+%

2. It integrates what up to this moment has been considered impossible, that is, the beneficial integration of price deflation into profit making systems.

3. And most importantly it both eliminates the necessity for borrowing to keep the economy stable and substantially reduces the market size of Finance as a whole thus resolving its deepest problems that is scarcity of individual and commercial purchasing power and the inherent cost inflationary nature of modern economies.

Again, these last two factors are the deepest problems of the economy as C.H. Douglas initially identified the cost inflationary nature of the economy in part because the enforced monopoly paradigms of Finance of Only Debt in the form of loans and Only for Production, and Steve Keen recognized the continual necessity to borrow as the only way to stave off recession and yet as soon as the acceleration of credit slows recession occurs as well. In other words modern economies are “stuck between a rock and a hard place” ….and my innovative policy extensions of Douglas, extension of Keen’s  disequilibrium theory and my own integrated understandings of the world’s wisdom traditions, the scientific insights inherent in quantum mechanics, the knowledge and nature of Time and the nature of the temporal universe itself, namely the abundant “retail product” discount, frees every agent in the economy from those seeming conundrums.

Douglas and his followers were way ahead of everyone else, but they were hampered somewhat by their allegiance to mere statistical equilibrium and a not fully fleshed out concept behind the concept of the new paradigm, direct and reciprocal monetary grace as in gifting. My Wisdomics-Gracenomics and its extended philosophy and policies  deals with these gaps.


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