Old and New Paradigm Thinking

Employment and cost cutting Only  <–>   Employment and cost cutting plus Leisure and Individual Abundance

Balancing the Budget  <–>  Monetary Abundance plus ecological prudence, increased competitive productivity and innovation and freedom from the tyranny of accounting identities/conventions

Elite Wealth and Power above all  <–>  Wealth, Empowerment and Freedom for all agents

Financial and Monetary Monopoly <–>  Dual and Integrated Monetary Distributive Paradigm

Egoistic, Fragmented Half Truth/Untruth Opinion  <–>  An Integrative, Wholistic and Progressive Survival Ethic

Re-distributive taxation and laissezfaire  <–> Direct and Reciprocal monetary distribution and adult, rational, responsible, ethical and gracious control of systems

Note: The new paradigms to the right of the old/left ones are now the primary paradigms



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