No Theory In And Of Itself…

…can prevent certain human other intentioned and/or anti-social actions from wrecking it. This is why there will always be the need to anticipate such actions and deal with them as:

  1. precisely that (anti-social),
  2. regulate them out of either likelihood or legal existence or
  3. craft policy which is capable of inverting/transforming the problem (finance’s enforced monopolistic paradigms of Debt, Loan and For Production Only and hence their ability to unstably enforce debt and, if their monopoly is endangered, wildly increase debt) into a solution (saturating the economy with monetary gifting for everyone and all participating enterprises via an abundant universal dividend and a high percentage discount at point of sale which is so good for them that the policy “is an offer they cannot refuse”)

Finally, a dominant power like Finance could also rather easily foment war by antagonizing an enemy, demagoging the domestic population or  creating “false flag” events.  This is why any monetary reform/paradigm change movement must be aware of these possibilities and have a scrupulously anti-war policy unless or until an actual invasion is geographically imminent.


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