The Truly Amazing Things The Discount Policy Does

The highness of the percentage rate insures virtually universal “buy in” by every enterprise as they would not be competitive if they did not opt in.

The high rate also not only completely prevents any chance of price inflation, but actually beneficially integrates price deflation into the entire economy as even normal inflation is only 2-3%.

It saturates the entire economy with a form of monetary Gifting, enabling higher profits and savings for both the individual and enterprise by increased volume of sales, by elimination of transfer taxes and reduced costs from reduced necessity for borrowing.

It automatically increases the purchasing power of the individual by whatever the percentage of discount.

Its greatest benefit is that it breaks up Finance’s enforced paradigms of Debt and Loan Only by ushering in the new paradigm of Gifting throughout the economy.

Everyone and everything adapts to a new paradigm, not the other way around. That means the labor market, the investment market, every market, the entire market, every less complete, less incisive, less encompassing economic theory…..



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