Only I….

have thoroughly thought through the concept behind Social Credit and its policy effects. It’s true I stand on the shoulders of the great C. H. Douglas, but not even he fleshed out the concept behind Social Credit nearly as much as I have, visualized their effects and then extended and thoroughly aligned the policies of Social Credit with that philosophical concept. No one else has recognized the the new paradigm of grace as in monetary Gifting and way that it will transform the entire economy, every aspect of it and supersede all less integrated/integrative theories.

No one has nearly as complete an understanding of that new paradigm, not Steve Keen, not any economist. Their awareness of, clarity regarding and understanding of the concept behind Monetary Gifting, even though some of their own policy suggestions are fragmentary aspects of that concept….is very limited. Understanding a new paradigm thoroughly isolates you from virtually every other thinker simply because in one degree or another they all remain within the mental field of the old paradigm and hence their minds are captured and so at least partially blinded by it. Iconoclasm can bring one only so far, integration, re-integration is necessary for real understanding. And then one has to understand what an actual integration is, and then what the process of integration itself actually is, and then what continual integration/integrating actually is, that is, what is the concept of continual integrating itself. And then is when you just begin to understand. No one else but I has mentally gotten that far, let alone contemplated that concept and its economic, political and social effects. No one.

Am I “tooting my own horn”? Yes I am, but I also realize that my life and the decisions I made early on to “get knowledge, get Wisdom and get understanding”, to pursue truth, to keep my mind open and be willing to let new and even opposing knowledge guide me so that I could integrate it….was extremely important and largely a coincidence of circumstance and luck. Also, if I had not had several extraordinary personal experiences of present time and my own self awareness I likely would never have recognized the tie ins of those experiences with the concept behind the new economic paradigm.  My interest in the world’s major wisdom traditions and my study and participation in several was also a source of knowledge that led to an awakening to the new paradigm and the concept behind it. Both genius and paradigm perception have always been a partially lucky convergence of logical and appropriate interests and experiences. So I do this mostly to simply set the record and the history straight that I, and only I,  have recognized and advocated the new paradigm for at least the last several years.

Grace after all contains the aspects of both humility and the confident ability to recognize and declare truth.



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