Logical Integration Is Wisdom, and Grace Is The Pinnacle Concept of Wisdom

Unfortunately politicians on both sides of the aisle are rendered to stymied duncery because they do not address the real problem behind the healthcare system and the entire economy. And that is the fact that everyone including the government must bow and submit to the enforced financial paradigms of Debt and Loan Only. Debt and its enforced vehicle of Loan Only is the economic equivalent of sin the salvation from which is Grace as in the free gift from God. Maybe if our politicians would simply apply the aspect of Grace as in Gifting to the ruling force of Finance in the economy with the free Gifting policies of a universal dividend and a substantial discount to prices they would be able to resolve the healthcare and the entire economy’s deepest problem. Grace is the universal solvent spiritually, personally and systemically. All you have to do is be willing to look at the obvious logical human alignment of these three without reactively closing your mind. As above so below. So be it.


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