“The Fourth Turning” of Howe, Strauss and Bannon-Trump Is Actually The Result of…

not accomplishing the resolution of Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Wholeness-Renewal-Process. Nature reflects trinity-unity-process and continual renewal/re-starting of that process. Civilizations throughout history have failed to resolve their major conflict/problem and so have collapsed into chaos. This is the “fourth” result. Being conscious of nature and its wisdom is the lesson we must learn in order to avoid this fourthness/failure to integrate and resolve. The key words here are conscious and integrate. An actual integration is the combining of the highest truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations of opposing perspectives. Actual integration is the very process of wisdom. Discernment is also an aspect of wisdom. Discerning the real and deepest problem is the first step in the process of resolution thereof. The paradigms of Debt and Loan Only ARE THE DEEPEST PROBLEM WE FACE AND THE NEW PARADIGM OF MONETARY GRACE AS IN GIFTING IS ITS RESOLUTION. The structural part of that resolution is a cost efficient and balancing Public Banking system, but the deeper and actually resolving thing is the conscious perception and visualization of the concept behind the new paradigm and then implementation of policies that align with the new paradigm.

And the philosophy and policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics are precisely and exactly that.


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