Primary Insights and Considerations About Paradigm Changes and The Nature and Process of Wisdom

These are so basic and so simple that the vast majority of people will probably initially reject them, but the very nature of the concepts insures their truthfulness and history attests to the significance I declare regarding them.


Everything in the body of knowledge and in the structure of the discipline it is applied to….adapts to a paradigm change….not the other way around. 

This is because a paradigm change, when it is actually and finally perceived, is such a tremendously obvious solution to the prior general conflict and equally of such general progress that “the scales fall from one’s eyes”. A paradigm change is the inverse of an “Oh Shit!” “Minsky moment”.  It’s a cognition itself “Aha!” “Hummel moment”.  It clears one’s perception so thoroughly that its like looking through a window pane as if there was no window there at all.


Wisdom is the highest and most comprehensive human mental discipline, not science….because it thoroughly incorporates and transcends science utilizing the fullness of consciousness itself.

Historically, the signature of scientific breakthrough has always been an integration (integration properly defined and understood is the very process of Wisdom) of the scientific method and an aspect or aspects of consciousness like visualization, imagination, intuition, curiosity, personal interest etc.


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