Posted To RWER Blog 05/14/2017

The dominance of Finance was never in danger….from either French party. A new financial/monetary paradigm is the only thing that will end such dominance and enable individual economic freedom and systemic free flowingness.

Everybody is almost completely dominated/hypnotized by Finance and its monopolistic paradigms of Debt and Loan Only. Students, the younger generation, businessmen, and the general populace must be shown how the paradigm of monetary Gifting and its policies are in all of their interests, is the ethically right thing to do and what will finally enable stable prosperity for all. Focus on the current monetary paradigms and their philosophical opposites. Resolution of apparent opposites has always been the very process of Wisdom and the signature of both paradigm change and of human cognition itself.

Leaving the paradigms of Debt and Loan Only is the only way to objectively assess them and begin the process of integrating the new paradigm of Gifting into the debt based monetary and pricing systems in rational ways.


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