Posted To A Steve Keen youtube Video 05/14/2017

Your economic analysis is as usual spot on and forward looking, and your use of the trinity-unity-wholeness process of the dialectic which is the logical aspect of an integrative code/formula that is underlyingly replete throughout nature as well as the very process of Wisdom-Integration is also enlightened. That formula stated is: an integrated oppositional duality within an integrative trinity-unity-process. Now all you really have to do is apply that code/formula in order to form a duality to integrate the current monopolistic monetary paradigms of Loan, Debt and (for enterprise) For Production Only with monetary Gifting…and you’ll have the new primary paradigm upon which to craft monetary policies that will enable economic free flowingness. These monetary and pricing policies will invert the present disequilibrium-scarcity ratio of the flow of total individual incomes to total financial and depreciation costs/prices into a higher disequilibrium ratio where incomes exceed costs/prices and price deflation is harmlessly integrated into profit making systems. (A mere static/statistical equality is a full stop and violates the process aspect of the trinity-unity-process reality of the temporal/physical universe.)


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