It’s Time

Politics has always been poor theater, basically from both parties. Trump is such a third rate intellect with zip for restraint that he’s almost made it as interesting as a daily soap. The truth is however, that the Banking and Financial powers that be couldn’t give a shit about whether a republican, democrat or populist demagogue sits in the oval office because the political system is not where the actual power exists. I read the works and watch videos of a lot of the world’s best and most iconoclastic economists and none of them apparently have the insight to realize that the money system and its leaders actually have the real power and so none of them are able to craft policies to end that dominating power. It’s disheartening. I’ve finally decided that I have to stick my neck out and begin to try to awaken students, the small to medium sized business community and the general populace to how integrating the paradigm of monetary Gifting into the debt based money system is in their interests. Wish me luck, and if a go missing….you’ll know why.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. Hi is gifting the idea of the monthly dividend or is that something else?
    Ive myself had this idea(varoufakis had a similar idea) that when corporations dont pay taxes and contribute less and less that government or a fund owned by the public in some form should own part of the corporations and in so doing taking in profits from it instead of taxes. They could just be owners of corporations abroad also so the current account balance is balanced. How does this sound? Does it work from a profitability standpoint or would that fund never get return on investment?


    • Yes, a (monthly) dividend is one of two necessary policies that will change the entire character of the money system and economy. It is not however re-distributive taxation. The intention of socialism, economic democracy, is admirable, but socialism attacks the wrong why, namely profit, when enforced monetary scarcity by the business model of Banking/Finance is the actual reason why the there is poverty amidst plenty and economic instability instead of stable prosperity.


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