In Order To Truly Experience The Validity of Space-Time…

…you have to have a heightened experience of your own self awareness in direct and focused connection to it.  Such an experience has been described by sages down through history and it is always basically the same. It is described as an intense nowness, a flow of intense moments, a virtual palpability of space and an intense vibrancy of every sense and everything experienced for as long as such experience lasts, and yet there is an effortlessness to the experience as well. It is the experience of serenity while being in the temporal universe.

This experience is precisely and exactly described within The Cosmic Code as:

[ (Space x Time)    Self Awareness/Consciousness ]

Not in any way to disparage Einstein, his intuitive visualizations and mathematical calculations regarding Space-Time are remarkable and follow the trend of virtually every scientific breakthrough which is an integration of the scientific method with an aspect or aspects of human self awareness/consciousness, but his insight is incomplete because it did not include the most relevant factor in the calculus….self awareness/consciousness itself.

We must bring the process of Wisdom and its pinnacle experience of self awareness/ consciousness to all of our experiences, most urgently to our economic and monetary systems and last but not least to the reductive mode of thought known as science…..because it enables a deepening and validating self knowledge/experiencing of its highest and most difficult to understand concepts.


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