Which Will Be Your Decision? An Ethically Ruled Economy or An Unethically Dominated One?

Banking and Finance are legitimate business models. Economic and monetary dominance of every other business model and at least 95% of the general populace by same via their enforced paradigms of Debt and Loan as the only forms and vehicles by which credit/money is allowed to be distributed is neither legitimate nor ethical.

This condition and paradigmatic insight is the lynch pin issue economists, politicians and the general public must come to grips with and resolve monetarily, economically and ethically. Doing so will enable a cascading resolution/dissipation of many other rationally and irrationally attending problems. What is the difference between freedom and bondage, hope and despair, relief and the continual stress of dominance, especially if such dominance is not consciously understood? The answer of course is all the difference in the world. 

Wisdom always discerns and recommends only solutions. Wisdom’s solutions always resolve in only the highest ethical fashion. Wisdom is always the very best integration of the applicable, the practical and the highest ethical consideration. 

Let us pursue Wisdom at all times and most especially and urgently in our monetary and economic systems.


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