Flux, Flow, Entropy, Inversion and Negative Entropy-Consciousness

The economy being utterly embedded within the temporal universe cannot possibly be in a state of general equilibrium by itself or if the most basic reason it is disequilibrated is not rectified because the temporal universe itself is in continual process/flux and in a vector toward entropy, that is an increasing inability to utilize energy for constructive purposes. Hence the only way to make the economy flow freely is to adopt economic and monetary policies that both equillibrate it moment to moment and reverse its vector toward entropy. In other words we must implement economic and monetary policies that reflect and effect negative entropy.

As the core problem of the economy is that it creates a rate of flow of total costs and so prices in ratio to total individual incomes with which to liquidate those costs/prices the policy solutions to that most basic problem is an inversion of that problematic ratio.

The policies in the previous post ($1500 monthly universal dividend and a 30% discount to every business model’s retail product that is rebated back to the merchant granting the consumer the discount) accomplish this inversion as well as free both the individual and enterprise while bringing free flowingness to the system as a whole. It does this not by going into some abstract theoretical or mathematical fugue, but by consciously looking at the workings of the economy’s most basic actions and resolving the inevitable problem existing there (a flow of excess costs/prices in ratio to incomes to liquidate those costs/prices) by applying policies consciously aware of the laws of thermo-dynamics and cutting edge physics and crafting them in such a way that the problems are solved and the destructive vector of the economy is reversed.

This is bringing consciousness-negative entropy to economic and  monetary theory.


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