Why must every other market both human and economic suffer long term disruption ….except Finance.  Oh sure, Finance suffers a little momentarily, but never loses its control and dominance of the overall economy….so it never actually suffers. And when a panic occurs who gets the immediate help? That’s right, Finance. What if we gave permanent and system changing help to both the individual and every other business model except Finance, and did so in a way that also de-throned and de-toothed Finance’s obviously unethical dominance….of virtually everyone?

Hey economists! Hey politicians! Hey every other business community! Hey every individual!  Wake the fuck up and realize that Finance’s dominance of you,….that’s unfair, uncaring, and very unpleasant dominance of you….is the biggest problem you should be focused on, is the thing you should continuously be protesting and pressuring the entire political apparatus to fix and is the thing you must never give up on until it is completely remedied!!!


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