Posted To QE For The People 04/07/2017

QE For The People has been around since C. H. Douglas and is enlightened. However, QEFTP needs to be abundant enough to guarantee a virtual middle class income to be truly effective in ending the curiously seldom understood fact that the business model of Finance dominates every other busness model and 95% of the general populace. It also requires a dual policy wisely and strategically implemented at the retail product of every business model including of course retail sale itself. This policy is a substancial discount to the retail product of every business model (say 25% and up) that is rebated back to the business model by a monetary authority specifically mandated to do so. In implementing these two policies the entire economy is interpenetrated by the new monetary paradigm of Gifting which is needed to undo the dominance of Finance, and price deflation is harmlessly integrated into profit making systems. There are at least a half dozen further benefits resulting from these two policies that integrate the best aspects of the liberal and conservative agendas which they have not been able to accomplish in 150 years of obsessive unconscious contention and invalidation. Man needs wisdom (not religion of the pre-scientific or the scientific kind) because wisdom resolves and ethically ascends. If you want to understand wisdom applied to both economics and to science check out some excerpts of my two soon to be published books Wisdomics/Gracenomics: The New Integrative Economic Theory and Monetary Paradigm and The Cosmic Code: An Integrated Duality Within an Integrative Trinity-Unity at


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