Science and Wisdom: Both Beautiful and Necessary, But One Is Far Above The Other In Every Respect

I have tremendous respect for the intellect of economists like Steve Keen and Michael Hudson. They utilize mathematics (Keen) and understandable outrage (Hudson) very well. I have in fact learned a great deal about economics from them. However, with all due respect, what I have and they don’t have as much of, are paradigm perception and other insights available with Wisdom. Wisdom is not religion it is a deepening and broadening mental discipline that has the scientific method as one of its tools and aspects. Wisdom transcends science while including it. Wisdom enables one to see things more clearly, more comprehensively and more dynamically, and hence enables one to more confidently proclaim, to act and to see policies that will have deeper and broader effects. Wisdom is the pinnacle mental discipline….not science. I’m more for science than 99% of scientists because I see from the perspective of Wisdom, and so I’m more aware of whether science is orthodox and so held back, open minded and so has the potential to consider Wisdom or is actually wise science because it has incorporated an aspect or aspects of consciousness itself into the scientific method and so is close to scientific and/or paradigmatic breakthrough.

Steve Hummel 04/08/2017


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