Accounting Enforces Temporal Universe Realities

And that is why equal debits and credits of monetary gifting at the points of retail sale and the point of loan signing are so powerful.

Accounting applied to basics like equal debits and credits summing to zero at retail sale which is the end of the economic system’s cycle, wed to the moral and ethical general good of the natural philosophical concept of grace as in Gifting,which is the pinnacle concept of Wisdom can lead to paradigm change. That’s the way its always been and this time is no different.

Conversely, the monopoly paradigm concept of Debt Only accountingly enforced by the private banking system regarding the creation and distribution of new money enforces its monopolistic economic realities on EVERYONE.

The policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics break up the present problematic monopoly paradigm and open up the benefits of the mega-paradigm change AKA Monetary Gifting .


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