Post Made To Stephanie Kelton’s Substack Newsletter 3/21/2023

We know how to kinda control inflation…within the present paradigm which has many “legal” and economic orthodoxy means of making sure…that its not controlled AT ALL. We need to finally get real about this. The present monetary and financial paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money is Debt ONLY. The word ONLY marks it as a monopoly paradigm which is much more powerful and stupid than the powerful and stupid mere systemic monopoly to create 97% of our money. The latter is deeply aculturated and hides in plain sight, but the former is protected by almost entire unconsciousness and the fact that perceiving new paradigms requires the willingness and ability to embrace an exceedingly rare mental quality, namely illogic…because every historical new paradigm has been in conceptual opposition to the the present one and all of its orthodoxies.

We are deeply into an anomalous present paradigm as Kuhn correctly observed of the process, but he and virtually every professional economist never discerned the historical signatures of imminent and accomplished paradigm changes which observe and confirm its conceptual reality and demonstrate its problem resolving/temporal universe inverting changes. In my book I list all of these historical markers and show how the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting is validated by each one.


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