Duality, Trinity and The Cosmic Code of Wisdom/Grace

Duality is the apparency of the temporal universe and its a very strong and geberally difficult orthodoxy to get past. However, Trinity/Unity/Oneness/Process is the actual mental and temporal reality, it’s just that science has not recognized it yet. The experience of god is IMO simply and yet no less ecstatically the integration of our normal walking around state of consciousness that has by discipline (but often just by happenstance) dropped its normally acculturated mental anchors and/or distractions come thoroughly into the present moment and nascently experienced the electro-magnetic milieu that science has already established as real in such an integrative fashion that we experience a true thirdness greater oneness personal experience.

I call Trinity/Unity/Oneness/Process The Cosmic Code expressed thusly: [( A x B) –> C ] In other words A x B, a thoroughly integrated duality results in a thirdness greater oneness C within a continual temporal universe reality of the Trinity of

[( A x B) –> C ].

The Cosmic Code is the very mentally integrative process of Wisdom and learning to perceive it in everyday life is an important and continually enlightening step toward making the moment more real than you normally do.

Love is the universally acknowledged supreme value and grace/graciousness is love’s active expression in the temporal universe. The aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace describe the integrative resolving experiences of human life and living. Hence they are key to self actualizing the higher experiences and fruits of Wisdom.


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