Posted To Steve Grumbine’s Real Progressive’s YouTube Channel 03/17/2023

Keen is excellent at exposing the problems of the system within its present paradigm…and worthless so far as discerning and marketing the new paradigm. His cynicism is about two microns above total apathy and so why even try? He’s a walking talking example of how Sun Tsu the great Japanese military strategist said was the best way to win a war which was convince the other/new paradigm side that you can’t possibly win against the current paradigm side. Steve Grumbine had it nascently right when he said we need to all have accounts at the FED. That would set up being able to borrow from the FED at 0% which of course would be the beginning of the end of the private profit-making banking system. Then, you could also implement my innovative paradigm changingh policies of a 50% Discount/Rebate at retail sale which would macro-economically end inflation forever and also implement a 25-50% debt jubilee policy at the point of loan signing from the FED. The 50% rate is if the loan is for some ecologically sane purchase/purpose and lesser purposes get a lower rate. These policies are so beneficial for every individual and commercial agent that they are ideas whose time has come, which historically has always been the case with new paradigm concepts. All they actually need is a platform to communicate them to the general public. Keen should study the signatures of imminent and accomplished paradigm changes. It would raise his mental and emotional tone level.


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