Posted To Steve Keen’s Substack Newsletter 03/16/2023

Yes, in fact there’s an abstract vs direct looking at the temporal universe effects of policy disconnect in economic analysis. This blind spot inhibits genuinely new insights. For instance, if one looks directly at the point of retail sale one realizes that it is the one known universally participated in/experienced point in the entire economic process. (The point of loan signing is probably the second most participated in point.) That means that a monetary policy of a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at that point would be aggregative.

That is actually a new macro-economic insight.

This insight along with the equal debits and credits summing to zero additional costs for commercial economic agents at that point with the above policy…resolves some of the deepest economic problems we don’t otherwise seem to be able to get a grip on.

Yes, yes, yes we will need to intelligently regulate/incentivize/dis-incentivize in order to stabilize inevitably less than entirely rational and ethical agents, but thats 1) doable, 2) what else is new and 3) if one examines historical paradigm changes its easy to see that everything adapts to a new paradigm, not the other way around. This is because paradigm changes are always new insights on temporal universe truth and also always result in virtually universal benefits to all accept those who cling to the old paradigm thought pattern. Private banking with their monopolistic monetary paradigm of Debt Only and neo-liberal economists beware.

One final thought here. The tool of accounting is a temporal universe reality creating and pinning mechanism. In other words it tends create present moment realities and to pin one’s attention to the present moment. Coming directly and continuously into the present moment has always been associated with personal and even cosmic enlightenment. Let that zenny fact sink in, especially if you’re a banker or believe in neo-liberal macro.


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