Posted To Patrick Lawrence’s Substack Newsletter 01/14/2023

“Technological advance has nothing to do with true human, humane progress, because it has always served economic interests and because these interests have never allowed technology to be informed by philosophy, social relations, and other things to do with advancing the human cause and the human spirit.”

So true. This is not to despair of technological advance it is the recognition¬†that technological advance is a temporal universe “thing” when “true human, humane progress” is an internal human change for the better/higher. Temporal universe reality and individual human reality are so often at odds. The point is to integrate them so as to create a thirdness greater oneness of only the truths, most efficacious applicabilities and highest ethical considerations of any chosen problematic duality. An example of this process is Hegel’s Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. Politically, socially, economically and probably most importantly psychologically we too often get caught in the duality and forget to conclude the wisdom insight that necessarily includes the thirdness greater oneness of the Synthesis.

The very mindset and process of Wisdom is integration, most especially of opposites. The full integration of opposites should be our motto and our mental tool because Wisdom is always about solutions, higher and better solutions. And what is the highest set of opposites to integrate? Why the opposites of the internal and the temporal reality of course. And this kind of occasional phenomenon is what is referred to as a paradigm change. A paradigm change is a SINGLE efficaciously applied MENTAL concept that changes an entire TEMPORAL universe COMPLEXITY, system, life pattern, body of knowledge. (for instance geo-centrism to helio-centrism or nomadic hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization) New paradigms are always Wisdom insights, in fact a wise integration of the supreme opposite realities of the MENTAL and the TEMPORAL.

And yet almost no one analyzes on the paradigmatic level (the single operant applied concept level), and thats why Keynesian economics gets morphed into the present neo-classical macro-economics, that so many rightly abhor, because reforms are always gamed and over turned…when if you find the correct paradigm that requires changing its a permanent and comprehensive change. Have we gone back to Ptolemaic cosmology? Nomadic hunting and gathering as an enforced lifestyle?

We should ask ourselves what is the most problematic paradigm in the economic system, and as new paradigms are always in conceptual opposition to the old/present paradigm (examples above) what is the opposite concept to be applied? Well, after all reductive analysis we live and labor in Finance Capitalism. So finance/money seems to be a good indicator for a new paradigm. And what is the heart and strength concept that Finance utilizes to dominate with? It is the monopolistic concept of Debt As In Burden To Repay ONLY. It’s the word ONLY that designates it as a monopoly paradigm. And what is the concept in direct opposition to Debt as in burden to repay ONLY? Why Monetary Gifting of course. All of the major economic reforms align with this (still largely unconscious) concept. What is UBI? Monetary Gifting. What does MMT suggest we need? Larger Fiscal Deficits, in other words Monetary Gifting to government contractors/various bureaucracies. What does Steve Keen say de-stabilizes domestic economies? Ever increasing PRIVATE debt. And what does he suggest we do about it? “A modern debt jubilee” which is a great form of Monetary Gifting…but still not the most most efficaciously resolving and universal way to integrate Monetary Gifting into the Debt Only based system. And that would be a 50% Discount at retail sale (everyone participates in retail sale) all of which discount is rebated back to the retailer by the monetary authority so that they can be whole on their overheads and margins of profit. It is the precise expression of the new paradigm which is Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting. It immediately doubles everyone’s purchasing power without increasing any business costs while potentially doubling the demand for every enterprise’s goods and services and as a kicker it implements BENEFICIAL price and asset deflation. There’s a nice temporal universe complete inversion for you.

There is a complete policy and regulatory program in my book that fills out and stabilizes the new paradigm.


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