The “Problem” With Paradigms

Many authorities often bandy the word paradigm around without truly understanding what they actually are or how they’re deciphered. Here are some of the reasons this is so:

Defining paradigms

Paradigms are operant applied single concepts that due to their integrative analytical depth and breadth of beneficial effect change the character/nature of entire patterns.

Habituation to reform

The impulse to reform is good, and reform analyses can be good sign posts for the discovery of new paradigms. However habituation to reform is a major stumbling block to new paradigm perception.

The hurdle of the near monopoly modalities/mindset of Science

The mindset and modalities of scientific inquiry are logic and reductionism. This itself is an excellent and necessary ethic, but habituation to it alone is deadly to perceiving new paradigms as paradigms are integrative/wholistic phenomena, nay the quintessential human and cultural integrative/wholistic phenomena. Science is best when it is open minded even about its mindset/primary modality, and this is shown by the historical fact that scientific breakthroughs more readily occur when scientific inquiry is understood as a process and its findings are accompanied by/realized due to insights derived from an aspect of consciousness itself like imagination.

The courage/audacity to confront conceptual opposition

New paradigms are historically always in complete conceptual opposition to the current/old paradigm. Given the fact of the modalities and mindset of science and the almost understandable human proclivity to guard one’s reputation and career principled courage/audacity tends to be the exception.

Understanding and practicing thirdness greater oneness

We need to re-discover and completely comprehend Hegel’s dialectic. Pundits and theorists have become overly innured to the dualism within the trinity/unity/oneness/process that the dialectic actually is, i.e. thesis, antithesis AND synthesis/INTEGRATION OF ONLY THE TRUTHS, BEST WORKABILITIES, GREATEST APPLICABILITIES AND HIGHEST ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS OF THE DUALITY.

Embracing the superlative intellectual discipline of Wisdom

Science is wonderful, necessary and delicious, and it exists entirely within the digestive tract/mindset of Wisdom. Why settle for partial understanding when essential and both temporal universe and individual mental change is possible?

Recognizing the essential sameness of Wisdom insights and Paradigm perception

Cogniting on the pinnacle concept of Wisdom and the deepest secret of all new paradigms


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