Addressing De-growth And The Consumption Issue With The New Monetary Paradigm. Also, The Primary Problem With Capitalism

The primary problem with capitalism (and every other economic system) is the ethic it is driven by. Change that in a significant/applied paradigm changing way and it will alter nearly everything else.


1) the current zeitgeist of Power, Profit and Control is in fact essentially a false/non-existent/non-application of an ethic

2) Power, Profit and Control without an ethic will inevitably lead to domination and corruption

3) every paradigm change has historically been an expression of an aspect or aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace

4) which is the active form of the universally recognized supreme spiritual value AKA love

5) A primary aspect of grace is Redemption…

Thus, the best possible new applied paradigm concept/ethic for capitalism, and in fact the overall new zeitgeist should be Redeemed Power, Profit and Control.

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