Pitch to Joe Rogan’s Guest Booker

I have been a student of all of the present leading economic reformers and learned a lot from them. However, no one but myself is analyzing on the operant concept/paradigmatic level when it comes to economics and the money system.

I have written a book that presents the entire policy program of the new paradigm, but a single policy that is the very applied expression of the new paradigm will immediately double everyone’s purchasing power, potentially double the demand for every enterprise’s goods and services and last but not least forever end the biggest present time economic issue, inflation…all in one fell swoop. There are many other benefits possible with the new paradigm that reformers aren’t even aware of.

All a new paradigm/pattern needs in our technologically advanced era to become the “idea whose time has come” is a platform to communicate its incredible benefits. Will Joe be that platform by interviewing me about it and how I happened to come to realize it?


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