Pleading Post To Stephanie Kelton On Her Substack Newsletter 12/13/2022

First off what I’m suggesting is not MMT yet would hasten the goals and genuine benefits that the MMT perspective on our money system would enable.

MMT is not utopian. It is a very good reform movement that does important things, namely clarifies the process of money creation in our fiat system and shows that we are monetarily sovereign.

My new monetary paradigm goes way beyond that because it breaks up the monopolistic monetary paradigm that forces new money to be created only with the burden to repay it. This is done strategically by gifting 50% of the price to the individual at retail sale and reciprocally gifting every cent of that discount back to the merchant so they are made whole on their overheads and profit margins. That single policy is a conceptual and temporal universe change in the character of both the economy and the money system, and there are further policies in the new paradigm that stabilize and bring many more benefits to virtually every agent.

The 50% Discount/Rebate at retail sale mimicks the exact accounting process that the private banks utilize to create upwards of 97% of our money AND YET with the equal debits and credits formula of accounting summing to zero and the character of the new paradigm (Gifting) ….changes the entire pattern while resolving its deepest problems.

You understand accounting. DO YOU SEE THIS STEPHANIE?!


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