The Way To Head Off a Supreme Court Declaring The Policies of The New Monetary Paradigm Unconstitutional

As a 50% Discount/Rebate policy will forever resign inflation to the dust bin of history it will mean that fiscal deficits of whatever size can be run with impunity. Therefore, I suggest every state passes a law that asks the federal government to fund the universal dividend, the 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale and any of the other specific monetary policies of Wisdomics-Gracenomics in transactions that take place in their states. If any of the states do not pass such legislation then the citizens of that state may travel to any state that has passed it and purchase whatever they so choose there…instead of in their state of residence. Lets see how long it takes the pols in any such non-passing state either have a come to Jesus moment regarding the new law, or are forced to hire private body guards 24/7/365. And the same goes for any federal representatives or senators who vote against complying with the states’ request.

And as to whether such a law of federal compliance with the states’ requests is constitutional or not, the basic question before the Supreme Court will be whether they back a monopoly paradigm by the Banks to create all new money as Debt ONLY, or do they back a paradigm that competitively still allows for debt, but the Banks’ paradigmatic monopoly is broken by the new paradigm of Gifting.

Pardon me, but a graciously uttered Fuck you! to any politician or supreme court justice who is so penny wise and pound foolish that they would even think of impeding a mega-paradigm change in economics and the money system.


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