Future Opening Statement In The Supreme Court: No Entity Has The Right To Have Monopoly Power…

Particularly a monopolistic paradighmatic power like private finance currently has been able to wield…for the entire history of human civilization with their paradigm of Debt ONLY as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of money.

It is bad enough that private finance has been granted the right to extend (or not extend) the life’s blood of every other economic business model and probably 95-99% of individuals, but to create and distribute it ONLY in the form of Debt makes it an operant pattern concept/paradighmatic power. Such a power utterly violates the idea of competition and is a complete failure to recognize the truthfulness and dangerous harmfulness in Lord Acton’s dictum that: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The job of supreme court justices is not just constitutionality. It is also the discernment of wisdom. Wisdom as in the exact key issue before them, and its ability to enable or prevent the greater Good. The current monopolistic monetary paradigm for the creation and distribution of new money has been unconsciously and detrimentally enforced upon us all for the entire course of human civilization. It is time to break up that monopoly paradighmatic power in order to resolve the deepest economic problems it continually keeps in suspension, and in so doing will usher in the kind of mental and temporal progress humanity has not seen since its self awareness enabled it to emerge from being merely part of the animal kingdom.


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