Unconscious Acculturation: The Deepest Secret Of Paradigmatic Power Specifically of Finance

Paradigm concepts are deep simplicities which is another way of saying that they are wisdom insights which are the ability to pin point the operant outness in any given problem. This often makes them difficult to perceive unless one studies them with the intention of integrating the opposites that define and characterize any problem.

However, probably the biggest block to perceiving and accepting a new paradigm is the fact that they long acculturated phenomena because acculturation is largely a normalcy habituating and unconsciously accepting process when a paradigm change is a newness of what is required.

This fact also creates blind spots. For instance, private finance’s paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and distribution of new money is always administered either pre-production or post retail sale. This identifies it as being always and entirely an additional costing factor outside of the actually productive/economic process which is defined end to end as production, everything in between and production exiting the economy and becoming consumption at the terminal ending point of retail sale. This also identifies private finance and its monopolistic paradigm of Debt Only as entirely a cost adding parasite and hence an illegitimate economic business model.


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