Wisdom: The Integrative Impulse and Mindset. Grace: Everything and Its Opposite Integrated to the Point of Thirdness Greater Oneness. The Cosmic Reality Is Grace. The Formula For The Cosmic Code Is The Formula For The Concept of Grace. Self Actualizing The Natural Philosophical Concept of Grace: The Keystone Reality and Self Actualization In the Integration of Science and Spirituality, and Humanity’s Next and Further Evolution.

We live in a continual mileu of an electro-magnetic flux. We being our human attention, and that integrated thoroughly with such flux is the higher consciousness that all of the world’s wisdom traditions point to as the experience of god.

Grace isn’t always pleasant, but it IS always ecstatic. For instance if you cut your finger badly the pain may be unpleasant, but your conscious experience of it is constructive, instructive and even soothing.


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