The Key Insight That Will Forever Change The Economy The Money System and Everything

The realization of the power and significance of a monetary policy of a 50% Discount/Rebate policy at the point of retail sale is the equivalent of both Gallileo’s observation of the moons of Jupiter and Kepler’s discovery of elliptical orbits because it clarifies the new paradigm concept and makes everything in multiple systems and bodies of knowledge work better and work for the benefit of all.

It changes everything and resolves the major problems that have grown up around the present monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only as the sole form and vehicle for the creation and/or distribution of new money.

Retail sale is universally participated in. Thus a 50% discount to the price of virtually every consumer good or service has the macro-economic effect of:

  1. ending any possibility of inflation, immediately doubles everyone’s purchasing power and
  2. potentially doubles the demand for every enterprise’s goods and services.
  3. It makes everything work much, much bettter, makes the system serve mankind instead of having to slavishly serve the system.
  4. It enables many more “knock on” benefits like the great reduction and even elimination of many taxes.
  5. It also enables the effective use of taxation to prevent and/or to stop attempts to game and de-stabilize the new monetary and financial paradigm because it enables the ethical and humane administration of the aspect of the natural philosophical concept of grace known as sovereignty, that is, the ethically guided and redeemed use of power.
  6. Because it ends inflation forever it enables the kind of fiscal deficits necessary to confront and handle climate change
  7. Paired with cultural programs that align with the natural philosophical concept of grace it will have major positive sociolgical and psychological effects on the individual and society.
  8. As everyone daily and sometimes multiple times daily participates in retail sale this single policy creates a solid temporal universe infrastructure for the conscious (or even the unconscious) self actualization of gratitude, which is a major aspect of the natural philosophical concept of grace, and so could be a major step in the permanent raising of human psychology/spirituality and the elimination of a major hurdle to the attainment of a new zeitgeist from Only Power, Profit and Control to Redeemed Power, Profit and Control.
  9. It could be the next mega-paradigm change of which there has only been two or three in the entire history of the human species (The emergence of self awareness in hominids and hence the birth of homo sapiens sapiens, The change from nomadic hunting and gathering to agriculture, homesteading and urbanization and possibly cybernation and artificial intelligence)

As love is:

1) the universally recognized highest spiritual value,

2) grace/graciousness is the active and personal form of love,

3) policy is the action of systems

4) unity is a major and yet neglected aspect of grace (primarily because science has become a quasi-monopolistic paradigm for intellectual inquiry) [this is not a critique of science itself, merely the recognition that its reductive method has become quasi-monopolistic and hence a problem specifically because this tends to inhibit both consciousness of and utilization of the unitarian aspect of the natural philosophical concept of grace and

5) Finally, it can be historically verified that all paradigm changes have always been both mental realizations and temporal universe applications of aspects of the natural philosophical concept of grace.

Then: the temporal universe application of the policies of the new monetary and financial paradigm may become a major moment in the conscious realization of the natural philosophical concept of grace leading to a potential union of the presently largely supposed opposite realities of science and spirituality.


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