Monetary Grace As In Gifting Is Still The Answer Even If Consumptive Throughput Needs To Be Reduced

How? By utilizing the 50% Discount/Rebate (or an even higher percentage discount) in directing consumption toward ecological sanity. Also, encourage greater savings of purchasing power by utilizing investment incentives for ecologically sane mega-projects to confront climate change like the off-planeting and/or under-planeting of the worst carbon producing means of production.

Counter-intuitiveness and complete conceptual opposition are signatures of both wisdom and paradigm change. When nomadically foraging for plants and game was the means of survival it was counter-intuitive to stop moving around and practice agriculture. Likewise, when it was “obvious” that the sun revolved around the earth simply by looking at it do so every day, it was counter-intuitive that it was the earth that was doing the revolving.


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