I’m The Only One Daring To Analyze On The Paradigmatic Level. Let Alone On The Level Of The Mega-Paradigm and Zeitgeist/Spiritual Levels

The truth is however is I utilize both the scientific reductionistic level and the paradigmatic/wholistic/wisdom/integrative levels of analysis. I just used the paradigmatic/conceptual level first and then utilized historical data to confirm that the signatures and effects of past accomplished paradigm changes were the same with the selected new concept. These signatures are:

  1. Complete conceptual opposition to the current paradigm
  2. Complete mental and temporal universe inversion of current reality
  3. Resolution of the deepest problems existing in the current paradigm
  4. Integration of the self interests of traditionally opposed ideologies/constituencies in the area of the paradigm

The new monetary and financial paradigm concept is a mega-paradigm change because it effects an immediate, universal, continual and direct to the individual beneficial change, and these changes also have beneficial effects in systems, bodies of knowledge and areas of human endeavor not directly related to the primary area of the paradigm change.

The new monetary and financial paradigm is also an aspect and direct application of the concept/experience that has been behind every evolution of the human species, namely the natural philosophical concept/experience of grace/satori/samadhi, and hence a direct application of spirituality into the temporal affairs of man.


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