Why My Saying Grace Is The Answer To Everything Is Different

Because grace strategically applied to the monetary paradigm and the economy is not only philosophically and spiritually correct it is also a major temporal universe application of it as well. And it is historically verifiable that aspects of grace applied to the temporal universe are the key signature of all paradigm changes. Grace is the concept which cognited on and applied…always changes anything it is applied to…permanently for the better. But don’t you see it is not just a spiritual insight to say so, but an imminently workable temporal universe insight as well. The cosmos is in an unstoppable, dynamic, integrative, moment to moment flow state of space-time. In other words the state of grace is a scientific, micro and macro-cosmic FACT!

Intellectually and personally seek the aspects of grace and “you’ll never put a foot wrong” and you’ll be way ahead of anyone who doesn’t do exactly that. And when we finally recognize that grace is the philosopher’s stone concept we’re all seeking whether we consciously know it or not…we will enter the most golden of golden ages ever conceived.

Grace be with you.


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