Potential Presentation To Liberal Clergy/New Age Audience

Imagine the potential good that every time everyone bought something it was an opportunity to consciously or even unconsciously experience and hence self actualize grace as in gratitude. Gratitude/grace is a universal solvent for any and all conflicts/problems personal and temporal. It may not change everything over night, but it can’t have anything but positive effects. The economy is something that everyone experiences everyday often multiple times per day. It’s as ubiquitous as human consciousness itself. Going to church once or twice a week is powerful, but having the peak spiritual experience of grace as in gratitude occuring continuously often multiple times per day and every day is a mega-paradigm change opportunity. (Definition of mega-paradigm)

I come to you with the opportunity to have a significant rise in social/psychological gratitude. The opportunity to resolve the cynicism and hence apathy that secretly/realistically so stops nearly everyone from resolving their personal problems, and that collectively stops us from resolving our social and political problems as well. Hopefully there is less cynicism and apathy here than generally in the rest of society, and more hope, faith as in confidence and grace as in love in action.


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