On Wisdom and The Concept of A Mega-Paradigm Change

I’m good at one thing. Perceiving operant factors and ideas. Actually I’m a slow learner, but my secret has always been a willingness to never stop learning.

The idea I finally cognited on was the natural philosophical concept of grace. Grace as in love in personal action and/or systemic policy is the most integrative of opposites concept and ecstatic experience humans can have. It is also the concept behind every historical paradigm change because the realities created by every paradigm change have always been an aspect or aspects of the concept of grace. For instance, increased consciousness/awareness/knowingness, increased abundance, increased knowledge of temporal universe reality, increased likelihood of survival, increased faith as in confidence, hope and love and hence increased joy and appreciation of life and livingness etc. etc. etc.

Wisdom is the ultimate mental tool and integrative of opposite truths discipline, and paradigm changes are the ultimate integrative of opposites mental and temporal universe phenomenon. Wisdom is the art and practice of perceiving and applying deep simplicities, and paradigm changes are deep simplicities in that they are single pungent and operant concepts…that applied efficaciously, change the nature of entire temporal universe complexities.

The concept of a mega-paradigm change is defined as a paradigm change that is immediately, continuously and universally individually experienced, and has many spill over beneficial effects into bodies of knowledge, human systems and/or areas of human endeavor other than the primary pattern of the paradigm change.

The new monetary and financial paradigm is one of only two or perhaps three mega-paradigm changes in the entire history of the human species.


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