The Benefits of Major/Paradigmatic Changes

For instance the 50% Discount/Rebate policy makes it much more difficult for anti-social commercial agents to try to de-stabilize the new monetary paradigm by inflating their prices. If a greedy CEO says, “Oh wow, there’s now potentially double the demand for my product, I think I’ll raise my prices by 25%”, but if only one of his competitors says, “No, I’m going to compete on price and maybe even lower my price a little” …just how much market share is the cooperative CEO going to take from the anti-social one?

Of course there will also be regulatory tax incentives to abide by the rules of the new paradigm and tax disincentives for not doing so as this is simply recognizing that its not an entirely ethical world we live in, but the point is that major/paradigmatic changes solve problems and make further problem solving easier by changing the operant/most important problematic aspects of a current paradigm.


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