The Strategically Significant and Potent Macro-economic Effect of A 50% Discount/Rebate Policy at Retail Sale, and The Unconscious Acculturation of The Present Monetary Paradigm

Even the best monetary and economic reformers like Steve Keen, Michael Hudson, Ellen Brown and David Graeber miss the significance of Wisdomics-Gracenomics’ 50% Discount/Rebate policy at retail sale. This is probably because they’re used to dealing with abstraction via complicated maths and with advanced theoretics instead of looking at the the actual economic process itself where at retail sale the following facts and effects are true:

  1. Retail sale is the terminal ending point of the entire (legitimate) economic/productive process from taking ore from the soil/creating an idea of value to retail sale where production exits the economy and becomes consumption.
  2. Hence by definition it is the terminal summing point for all (legitimate) costs including profit, and all relevant economic factors like for instance, inflation.
  3. Now, how many times have you bought $100 worth of sweet potatos and toilet paper at a grocer and when you got home you got a call from that grocer that: The CEO just called me and said inflation went up by 100% so please don’t eat those potatos and whatever you do don’t use that toilet paper because it’s real hard to re-shelf…before you pay us an additional $100? Never, right, because you already purchased it. And you’d never go back to that store again because good will is the most important commodity a business can have. But this is exactly what finance claims is their right, namely to tremendously increase the costs of things either post retail sale or pre-production. Hence for profit money creation is always an exterior cost causing parasite to the actual legitimate economic/productive process…its simply over 6000 years of unconscious acculturation of the present monetary paradigm that prevents you from realizing this fact.

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