Regulatory Program For Gamers, Cheaters and De-stabilizers of the New Monetary Paradigm, For Criminal Acts and For Industries That Can Have Problematic Effects

  • In order to opt in to the 50% Discount/Rebate policy the enterprise will agree not to inflate their prices and open their monthly books to the new department of forensic accounting for examination.
  • The first time an enterprise inflates without overall costs increasing while taking into account the cost and tax savings of the policy program of the new paradigm they will be taxed at a rate of 100% on any additional revenue garnered from such price increase.
  • The next month, if they do not correct the antisocial price increase immediately and continue to increase their prices the department of the Public’s Bully Pulpit will anounce their anti-social actions and propose a boycott of their enterprise. The top management of the corporation will also loose any personal and corporate tax cuts available as a result of the new paradigm
  • If the corporation does not correct its behavior within two months they will lose their rebate privileges for 3 months.
  • If they do not correct their behavior after that they will permanently lose their rebate privileges.
  • Regarding the universal dividend: No dividend will be paid to persons convicted and incarcerated for crimes
  • These industries will not receive rebate privileges: 1) Hardcore pornography 2) Gun and ammo sales 3) Alcohol and cigarettes 4) Cannibas products (unless there is an established medical need for such)
  • These industries will benefit from the general increase in free and available demand without rebate, and in the case of guns and ammo, if sane gun control policies are passed like a ban on assault rifles, background checks, minimum age requirements etc. etc. then a discount/rebate policy of some percentage may become available to them. The publicly administered national bank will not loan to these industries and so they will need to pay the interest rate of private financiers who will only be able to loan money already created and saved.

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