Non-Profit Statement

Well, I should have started this 5 years ago when I wrote my book on the new monetary paradigm, but with the disintegrative trend the country is in socio-economically and politically and with essentially nothing being done about climate change it becomes a necessary duty to start the non-profit I’m calling Monetary Gifting.

The current monetary paradigm hasn’t changed for the entire course of human civilization and is the lynch pin that keeps all of the problems in the above systems in continual suspension.

The fact is empires have blunted the effects of the current paradigm before with monetary gifting, but only temporarily because the ways of doing so did not go to the level of paradigm change. But the good news is there is hope because the policies outlined in my book are the very expression of the new paradigm and are implemented at the key points in the economic process that will bring its benefits directly, continuously and to all.


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