Trinity-Unity-Oneness: The Secret Aspect of Grace and Paradigm Changes That Makes All The Difference In The World

The primary personal aspect of the natural philosophical concept of grace is love in action. However, the primary temporal universe aspect of that same concept is Trinity-Unity-Oneness which is the what and why of how grace is able to effect deep and permanent change. None of Humanity’s high ideals will be accomplished let alone maintained until we become aware of this fact and hence align policy with its incredible power.

This is why ending the human civilization long monopoly paradigm of money, namely Debt Only, is so important because it enforces scarcity and all of its negative effects. Only the new monetary paradigm of Gifting will be able to effect unifying abundance which of course is another key aspect of grace.

Trinity-Unity-Oneness is the paradigmatic effect of grace and the aspect of same that unifies the seeming opposing self interests of human political and economic constituencies. Humanity is currently in the disintegrative grip of obsessive dualism, and must become aware of Trinity-Unity-Oneness as the way to exit this deadly circumstance.


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