The Pattern Approach, Always The Pattern Approach and Its Specific Concept, and The Wisdom Mindset To Perceive It

Ever since I started studying economics seriously I always tried to think integratively about the various researchers I came across. I learned alot and quickly learned to reject outmoded ways of thinking, but rather quickly I began to notice that even the theorists I liked and agreed with had blind spots, failures or unwillingness to consider integration of viewpoints and a distinct inability to actually think on the paradigmatic/pattern/essence/operant factors level. All of these people advocated policies that aligned with what I had discovered was the precise new paradigm concept, but they didn’t have a conscious knowledge of that specific concept and they also lacked the awareness of where, when and how to best implement policies for the maximum beneficial effect.

These were brilliant and erudite people, but they lacked the wholistic and integrative mode of thought so necessary to perceive a paradigm/pattern changing concept as well as the places to make the concept best work in the temporal universe. I chalk much of this up to the overwheening mindset of reductive science that modern intellectuals are habituated to, and conversely the lack of an integrative mindset which is the actual method of wisdom thinking.


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