Often The Experience of God is Genuine, and Because God Is Nature That Means Nature Is What Has Always Been The Experience of The Supernatural

Does this mean I’m against science? Never. Science is wonderful, delicious, necessary…and resides entirely within the microbiome/digestive tract of Wisdom/Spirituality. When we integrate the mindsets of science and wisdom is when mankind will finally begin to actually express and fulfill its species designation of homo sapiens, that is, wise and discerning man.

What Mankind desperately needs is to sprint toward applying the concept and experience of grace, i.e. love in personal action/systemic policy….with post haste.

There is no necessary conflict in anything above because love being the highest spiritual value and experience, grace being its active form/expression and one of the top aspects of grace being union of everything including opposites, such thinking and acting is completely and logically aligned.


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