Exploring Enlightenment and The New Monetary Paradigm On The Sidewalk With Sal Paradise/Steve Hummel

Amongst the distraction, sugar induced “high” of American processed food and outright error of my life I have still always been guided two impulses: freedom and the postulate I made as a young child after hearing the grief and shock in my mother’s voice after she heard from her mother that her father had died in an automobile accident. This disturbed me of course and I promptly grabbed a bible and went to our basement and walked around vowing to obey whatever I read in it. Luckily, if you open the bible in the middle you usually come up in either Psalms or Proverbs and in this case it was Proverbs where I recall reading the following snippets of several verses: “Get knowledge, Get wisdom, Get understanding.” Ah, what a dual curse and incredible blessing that decision would evoke as a curious but slow learner gradually learned that knowledge as in data increases dualitycomplexity/potential conflict unless you utilize the intentional integrative mental process of wisdom which opens one up to experience the thirdness greater unitary oneness of understanding also know as the flowing state of grace which is the integration of you own attention/consciousness with a nascent experience of the electro-magnetic emanation of everything around us. Bliss is bliss, no matter how one frames it. The only thing really important is to experience it.


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