The Concept of Monetary Grace As In Gifting and Accounting: A Marriage Made In Paradigmatic Heaven

Paradigms are single concepts that describe the essences and operant factors within the complexities of entire patterns. Hence they are quintessentially integrative phenomena, that is a single-ness describing a complex-ness. It follows logically that a new paradigm is also even more integrative in that it is both a mental and temporal universe change.

In the paradigm change concept of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting we also have as proof of its paradigmatic validity in that it uses the accounting actions of debits and credits to effect its changes. Accounting/double entry bookkeeping is probably the most empirical and temporal universe tied discipline that humanity has ever invented. In other words it is as reality based as you can get, and it creates and ties the paradigmatic concept of the new monetary paradigm and its policies directly and reciprocally to their intended temporal effects.


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