Posted To RWER Blog 05/30/2021

Patent rents are individual corporate monopolies. Monopolies are anti-freedom and have historically been problematic. Worse than individual corporate monopolies are paradigmatic monopolies not only because they are systemic and cultural, but because paradigms are such mentally integral phenomena that they are largely unconscious.

The current monetary and financial paradigm of Debt Only is monopolistic and virtually monopolistically controlled and defended by the private for profit banking system. Economic theory “strains at a knat and swallows a camel” because it doesn’t recognize this fact.

I repeat: Resolve the monopolistic monetary and financial paradigm and the seeming unresolvable conflicts in economic theory will go “poof”….because the current monetary and financial paradigm IS the most underlying economic problem.

Regulate the new paradigm concept with aligned rational and sane guidelines as well as an effective tax code and thrive and survive.

Money is created and distributed by accounting entries, that is debits and credits. Do the same with the new concept of monetary gifting at strategic points in (and after) the economic process…and we can get on with trying to survive the bigger problem of climate change.


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