The Intelligence, Effectiveness and Power of Grace

Why do I continually speak of grace applied to our systems? Is it because I want to impose upon you your worst sunday school nightmare 24/7 365? No, it’s because the true meaning of religion is the self actualization of love and its active form grace.

Love, mature, fully understood and expressive love, that is graciousness, is the gift, the meaning and the highest purpose of human existence. It’s also the most pragmatic and effective, most unitary, most evolutionarily progressive and hence most intelligent thing you will ever learn.

Grace applied to the economy, the money system and to industrial policy WILL indeed save us from our own cultural and personal selves and from the technically applied wreckage we’ve mistakenly and half witted-ly utilized to attain security and abundance both of which, curiously, are aspects of the concept-experience of grace.


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